The VISTA Podcast (TVP006) – Running Meetings

In this episode of the TVP, Scott and Joel discuss the processes that their student councils follow for running meetings. We hear from students at Kingsvile Primary School in our ‘Student Voice’ segment and finally Dave from Second Strike drops in to talk about the zen and the art of meeting furtniture arrangement and how power positions can assist in facilitating effective meetings.

00:00 – 01:10 – Introduction / Theme
01:16 – 34:20 – Running Meetings
34:20 – 35:21 – Music Interlude (Adam Widmer)
35:25 – 39:52 – The Student Voice (Kingsville Primary School)
39:52 – 41:11 – VISTA Promo
41:15 – 51:34 – Striker’s Corner (Meeting Furtniture Arrangement\Power Positions)

Flowchart for Agendas:*jMlPF4Ngpt4gtGlx-Hptr1tGLWMlUGJGwm-V1hFezlzuo2EQy*SFWAJ2bT9gHKhu2DTXi5xQ0YxHMdMGO6CnEXtPL/MovingaMotionFlowchart.pdf

VicSRC Represent Resource Kit:

Music in this episode is by Adam Widmer
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