The VISTA Podcast (TVP003) – Setting Up School Councils


Show Notes

In this episode of the TVP, Scott and Joel discuss that age old question when setting up a Student Council. Selection vs Election! Is it better to have a selection panel interviewing candidates or have a popular election decided wholly by the students? There are pros and cons for both sides, and various models you could look at depending on your school culture and size.

Apologies for the lateness of this podcast. It was meant to go out in term four, but with real life getting in the way, it hasn’t come out till now even though it was recorded last year! Be assured, we’re now back on track and have lots of ideas for upcoming podcasts in the future. So keep us subscribed, and as always, please leave us some feedback!






00:00 – 01:18 – Introduction / Theme
01:19 – 38:45 – Setting Up Your Student Council
38:46 – 40:05 – Music Interlude (The Bamboos)
40:08 – 43:38 – The Student Voice (Why SRC is important)
43:39 – 44:53 – Music Interlude 2 (The Bamboos)
44:58 – 57:02 – Striker’s Corner (Setting Up Elections at your School)

Music this week is by The Bamboos
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